Montana Decoy Miss Purrfect XD Hen Turkey Decoy


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Montana Decoy Miss Purrfect XD Hen Turkey Decoy – Miss Purrfect XD is the result of years of constant tweaking and research to find the perfect balance between realism, portability and light weight. With an all new fabric that better replicates the natural iridescence of turkey feathers while still allowing the decoy to compress for easy transport. The addition of taxidermy eyes adds another level of realism. And Montana Decoy didn’t stop there. They listen to their customers and some didn’t like the compression straps. So they developed a special zippered stuff bag to make carrying the folded decoy even easier. Don’t worry if you like the straps they included them as well. Portable and Lightweight Extremely Realistic Taxidermy Eyes New Fabric That Replicates Turkey Feathers

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