Magnum Men’s Wild-Fire Tactical 5-0 Ankle-High Leather Hiking Boot


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Beat the heat, cold or rain with Magnum men’s athletic shoes. Durable leather construction is built to take everything you throw at it. Among the best athletic shoes on the market, this quality footwear displays true grit on the unyielding pavement, uneven wooded trails, unstable gravel and slippery grass. Transition easily from workout to chill out due to the high-quality comfort of a premium-grade rubber sole. Of course, athletic performance is about inspiration as well as physics and practicality. That’s why high-level competitors choose Magnum Wild-Fire Tactical 5-0 shoes: the attractive design is executed with both style and performance in mind. You work hard, so it stands to reason your sportswear should also be convenient. That’s why Magnum included a Self Tie closure. This trusted design provides all of the security you expect to build your performance on a strong foundation, without sacrificing ease of use or absolute comfort. At the end of the day, there are plenty of reasons that the Wild-Fire Tactical 5-0 line is a perfect example of hiking boots. They’re also great for relaxing or showing off your personal style around town. Understand why people trust these shoes: try them on for yourself.