Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug Soft Bait 1 2.75in Firefly


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Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug Soft Bait 1 2.75in Firefly. The waterbug is a common forage of bass and other gamefish species. The Yappa Bug is capable of generating several different topwater actions. Straight retrieve for a tight shimmy action or work it on slack line to create wide swings. Measuring 3 inches long and weighing 1/2oz the Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug features a flexible transparent bill that generates amazing action that makes the Lunkerhunt Yappa Series truly unique. Specifications for Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug Soft Bait: Manufacturer: Lunkerhunt Lure Type: Soft Bait Tackle Weight: 1/2 oz Quantity: 1 Length: 2.75 in Water Type: Freshwater Additional Features: 1/2 oz Features of Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug Bait Flared lip displaces water creating noise and action bass cant resist Body movement creates surface wake Soft hollow body construction Weedless design High quality finish Ready to fish Package Contents: Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug Bait Lunkerhunt YPAB01: Yappa Bug Bait Amber 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB05: Yappa Bug Bait Ruby 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB04: Yappa Bug Bait Atomic 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB08: Yappa Bug Bait Albino 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB09: Yappa Bug Bait Midnight 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB03: Yappa Bug Bait Water Bug 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB07: Yappa Bug Bait Roach 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB06: Yappa Bug Bait Sapphire 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB02: Yappa Bug Bait Firefly 2.75in & 1/2 oz Lunkerhunt YPAB02: Yappa Bug Bait Firefly 2.75in & 1/2 oz



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