Lunkerhunt Rigged Finesse Worm – Green Pumpkin


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Lunkerhunt Rigged Finesse Worm – Sometimes in fishing, less is more. The Pre-Rigged Finesse Worm is a clean and simple lure that consistently puts fish in the boat, even when it seems they just don’t want to bite. Cast it out, let it sink to the bottom, and wait for a few seconds. If a fish doesn’t hit, reel in a foot or two of line, hop your rod tip a bit, and let it sink to the bottom again for another long pause. If fish are around, you’ll likely get thumped before you reel the Finesse Worm back in for the next cast. The Finesse Worm is 3 inches long and is available in 6 fish-catching patterns. Each pack includes one worm pre-rigged on a 1/4 oz weedless mushroom head jig, and two spares. 8-packs of bodies only are also available. Trending technique Angler driven floating action Length: 3in Freshwater/saltwater gamefish species

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