Lunkerhunt Rigged Finesse Soft Swimbait – Sexy Melon


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Lunkerhunt Rigged Finesse Soft Swimbait – There are times when you just have to cover water to find fish. The Lunkerhunt Finesse Swimbait is a great tool for covering water and catching fish, lots of fish! Its size and available patterns mimic a wide range of baitfish species that draws attention when worked with the correct action. Retrieve it fast and bulge the surface to imitate a fleeing minnow, or slow things right down and bump the bottom at random intervals to make the Finesse Minnow seem like a wounded baitfish. Be ready to limit out. The Finesse Swimbait is 3 inches long and is available in 6 fish-catching patterns. Each pack includes one swimbait pre-rigged on a 1/4 oz weedless mushroom head jig, and two spares. 8-packs of bodies only are also available. Trending technique Angler driven floating action Length: 3in Freshwater/saltwater gamefish species

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