Lindy Willow Blade Two-Hook Crawler Harness – Shad Sz 2 Hooks/Sz 4 Blade


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Lindy(R) Willow Blade Two-Hook Crawler Harness – The Lindy Crawler Harnesses are built with only the highest of quality components. Featuring a 6 foot length of 14 lb. fluorocarbon leader, a No Snagg swivel and number 2 Octopus hooks they can stand up to the strongest of fights. The holographic blades are matched with specific bead patterns to precisely emulate baitfish that predator fish are tuned into chasing. Holographic blade emulates primary baitfish colorsLindy Bead patterns emulate secondary baitfish colorsHand-tied with 72′ of 14 lb. fluorocarbon line#2 Octopus HookPre-tied Lindy Swivel

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