Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad


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The Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad is a inflatable sleeping pad for comfort and warmth while camping. When you’re off the ground you won’t lose precious body heat, and this provides an R-Value of 1.3. You only have to spAre 10-15 breaths to inflate it and you’ve got yourself a cozy little bed to lay upon. Best of all, when you’re not sleeping it packs down quite small and only weighs 1lb, so it won’t overtake space or weight in your backpack. I sense a backpacking trip in the future. Feature of the Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad Ultralight Sleeping Pad Lighter weight fabric for smaller pack size and weight V Chamber body map optimized for comfort Dynamic side rails keep you on the pad all night Great for ground, cot, or hammock sleeping Ideal for every adventure, when ounces count

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