Klymit Inertia X Lite Sleeping Pad, Orange, Short


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Klymit Backpacking Pads Inertia X Lite Sleeping Pad Orange Short 06ILOR02A. Klymit crafted these Sleeping Bag Accessories from lightweight durable 30 and 75 denier fabrics and sturdy 25 denier on the bottom to ensure your gear can handle at least a little bit of rough nature even when you’re sleeping in the middle of the desert. This Klymit Inertia Lightweight Sleeping Pad is outfitted with X-Frame technology that rolls up to the size of a soda can and takes only a few breaths to inflate. You can reach higher pressures than those of your average mouth-inflate pads thanks to the included Klymit Inertia X-Frame Air Pad. Using your breath you can control how much insulation is beneath your sleeping bag and keep your bag toasty while promoting better breathability. Relish the comfort and lightweight sleep experience with a Klymit Inertia X Frame Full length Sleeping Pad.

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