KingCamp SNOWFLAKE 400 Sleeping Bag-Envelope


Experience Cozy Family Camping with Our Premium Sleeping Bag:Indulge in the warmth and comfort of our single model sleeping bag, perfe…

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Experience Cozy Family Camping with Our Premium Sleeping Bag:Indulge in the warmth and comfort of our single model sleeping bag, perfect for family camping adventures. Unveil the luxurious dimensions of 190×84 cm when in use, ensuring a snug and relaxing experience. Compact and easy to carry, the sleeping bag comes with a convenient packaging size of 43×25 cm, making it a flexible and hassle-free choice for your outdoor escapades.Premium Materials for Superior Comfort:Crafted with precision, our sleeping bag boasts a high-quality construction. The fabric comprises 100% Polyester, while the lining is a blend of 89% Cotton and 11% Polyester. The filling consists of 100% Polyester 400g, ensuring optimal warmth for a restful night’s sleep.Innovative Features for Enhanced Functionality:Drawstring Brim: Adjust the hat brim with a drawstring, providing customizable comfort for your head.Zipper Windproof Wall: Enjoy additional protection with the zipper windproof wall, shielding you from chilly winds.Anti-Pinch Zipper Chain: The anti-pinch zipper chain ensures smooth and secure opening and closing.Hanging Ears for Drying: Conveniently hang and dry your sleeping bag with the two hanging ears on the feet.Zipper Openings: The sides and bottom feature zippers that can be opened completely, allowing for easy access and ventilation.Versatile Splicing Options:Designed for flexibility, our sleeping bag can be spliced left and right, up and down, accommodating various preferences and sleeping arrangements.Luxurious Flannel Lining for a Touch of Elegance:Experience a velvety touch with the flannel lining, enhancing your overall sleeping experience. The zipper design at the bottom of the foot allows for easy temperature adjustment, providing personalized comfort.Efficient Hollow Cotton Filling for Optimal Warmth:Our sleeping bag features 400G/M2 hollow cotton filling, effectively isolating cold air and ensuring a cozy and warm environment for a good night’s sleep.Windproof Strip Design for Added Insulation:The zipper windproof strip design acts as a barrier against air conditioning, ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable in various weather conditions.Convenient Zippers for Easy Access:Zippers on the sides and bottom can be opened completely, offering convenience for entry and exit. This feature also facilitates easy ventilation during warmer nights.Multipurpose Design for Varied Outdoor Use:Whether you’re camping, enjoying a picnic, or setting up a tent, our sleeping bag is a versatile companion for all your outdoor activities.Embark on your next family camping adventure with the assurance of warmth, comfort, and flexibility provided by our premium sleeping bag. Elevate your outdoor experience with this essential camping gear.



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