KingCamp FOREST PLUS 500 3 in 1 Sleeping Bag


Ultimate 3-in-1 Camping Comfort with the Multifunctional Sleeping BagElevate your camping experience with our versatile and luxurious 3-in-1…

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Ultimate 3-in-1 Camping Comfort with the Multifunctional Sleeping BagElevate your camping experience with our versatile and luxurious 3-in-1 Multifunctional Sleeping Bag, designed for vacation-style, comfortable, and family camping. Here’s why it stands out:1. Innovative Design for Maximum Utility:Dimensions: (200 + 30) x 90 cm, providing ample space for a comfortable night’s sleep.Rolled Bag Size: 92 x 32 cm, ensuring convenient portability.Weight: 4.6 kg, striking the perfect balance between comfort and portability.Comfort Temperature: 3AdegC, Limit Temperature: -1AdegC, Extreme Temperature: -18AdegC.2. Flexible Usage in Various Scenarios:Fleece liner can be used as a poncho blanket for added warmth and comfort.Removable hat for personalized comfort, and can be used as a standalone blanket.Fully expanded sleeping bag can be spliced up and down, offering versatility in family camping scenarios.3. Thoughtful Features for Comfort:Drawstring for brim closure, zipper windbreak, and anti-pinch zipper to keep you snug.Two hanging ears at the feet for easy drying or hanging storage, with an exposed size of 6cm.Side and bottom zippers for convenient opening, ensuring easy access.4. Multifunctional Adaptability:3-in-1 functionality with a removable fleece liner and head pad.Fleece liner can be used as a standalone blanket, keeping you warm and facilitating easy washing.Two sleeping bags can be created by removing the head pad, providing warmth and comfort for two.5. Enhanced Warmth and Comfort:500G/M2 hollow cotton filling for optimal insulation against cold air.Zipper windbreak strip design to keep out the chill.Comfortable flannel lining for a soft and cozy touch.Foot zipper closure for easy temperature adjustment.6. Durable and Weather-Resistant:Polyester-cotton fabric for durability, splash-proofing, and cold air blockage.210D Oxford cloth outer bag with PU coating for waterproofing and lasting durability.7. Convenient Storage and Transportation:Easy-to-use Oxford cloth zipper carry bag for hassle-free portability.Roll bag storage method with foot-binding webbing for secure and compact storage.8. Attention to Detail:Splicing zipper for left and right interlocking into a double sleeping bag.Inside and outside double-open zipper for user-friendly operation.Collar zipper tabs to prevent unintentional opening of the zipper.Immerse yourself in the lap of camping luxury with our Multifunctional Sleeping Bag – where comfort, innovation, and adaptability converge for an unforgettable outdoor experience.



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