KingCamp CLOUDY 400 Sleeping Bag-Envelope With Hood


Elevate Your Comfort with Our Spacious and Luxurious Sleeping Bag:Experience the ultimate in comfort and versatility with our wider and larg…

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Elevate Your Comfort with Our Spacious and Luxurious Sleeping Bag:Experience the ultimate in comfort and versatility with our wider and larger sleeping bag, thoughtfully designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. This premium sleeping bag can be seamlessly spliced left and right, fully unfolded, and adapted for use in multiple scenes, making it a perfect companion for various outdoor activities.Sumptuous Flannel Lining for Unparalleled Comfort:Indulge in the luxurious touch of the inner flannel material that provides exceptional comfort and warmth. The wider and larger size (230×90 cm) ensures an expansive sleeping space, allowing for unrestricted movement and optimum relaxation.Innovative Features for Superior Performance:Adjustable Hat Brim: Customize your sleeping experience with the drawstring at the brim of the hat, providing personalized comfort.Windproof Wall and Anti-Pinch Zipper Chain: Shield yourself from the elements with the zipper windproof wall and enjoy smooth, secure zipping with the anti-pinch zipper chain.Convenient Hanging Ears: The two hanging ears on the feet add convenience for drying or hanging storage, ensuring your sleeping bag stays fresh and ready for your next adventure.Zipper Openings for Easy Access: The zippers on the sides and bottom can be opened completely, offering easy entry and ventilation during warmer nights.Enhanced Size and Activity Space:Wider and Longer Size: Enjoy an expanded sleeping area (200+30*90cm), providing extra space for increased comfort without any sense of confinement.Flannel-Lined Soles with Zipper Design: The zipper opening and closing design at the soles of the feet allows for easy adjustment of foot temperature, ensuring a cozy night’s sleep.Premium Materials for Unmatched Quality:400G/M2 Hollow Cotton Filling: Stay warm in various conditions with the efficient insulation provided by the hollow cotton filling.Wind-Blocking and Water-Repellent Design: The zipper wind-blocking design and durable polyester fabric effectively isolate air conditioning and provide water-repellent properties for enhanced durability.210D Oxford Cloth Outer Bag: The outer bag, featuring a PU coating, is not only waterproof but also durable, ensuring longevity in your outdoor escapades.Convenient Details for Effortless Use:Oxford Zipper Bag: The easy-to-use Oxford zipper bag facilitates hassle-free storage and portability.Double Zippers with Resin Zipper: The double zipper design inside and outside ensures easy use, with smooth operation thanks to the resin zipper.Collar Zipper Tab: The collar zipper tab prevents accidental opening, adding an extra layer of security to your sleeping experience.Embark on your outdoor journeys with confidence, knowing that our premium sleeping bag combines comfort, innovation, and durability for an unparalleled camping experience. Magazines, mats, picnic mats, tents – enjoy it all with our exceptional sleeping bag.



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