KEITECH Swing Impact FAT Soft Bait, Silver Flash


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The Keitech Swing Impact FAT is a big-bodied soft plastic that gives fish a meatier target. The Swing Impact tail packs a big kick, and the ringed body makes the hook weedless without getting in the way of your hookset. Equipped with two holes in the belly and a rigging guide line, the Keitech Swing Impact FAT Soft Bait gives you the big action you need in the water with a variety of different rigging options to suit any situation. FEATURES: Big-bodied soft plastic bait Two-tone injection process seamless blends two salted soft plastics together Massive tail action catches more water for more kick Ringed body protects hook from weeds and helps it set easily 2 holes in belly section for nail sinkers Line on head section makes rigging easy Versatile design can be used with no sinker in shallow water, flip or pitched, Texas rigged and more PACK QUANTITY: 2.8″: 8 3.3″: 7 3.8″: 6 4.3″: 5 4.8″: 5 5.8″: 4 6.8″: 3 7.8″: 2



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