Kalin’s Wack-O Jig Wacky Jighead – Green Pumpkin Sz1/0


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Kalin’s Wack-O Jig Wacky Jig Head – Kalin’s Wack-O Jig and a chunky plastic worm are all you need to create the perfect weedless wacky rig. This jig is specially designed to help anglers who need an effective finesse presentation in thick cover. The ball head is coated with chip-resistant paint and features a 45-degree line tie that makes for perfectly balanced presentations. The jig is made using a needle-sharp 1/0 hook that penetrates fast and has incredible holding power. Up your finesse fishing game with Kalin’s Wack-O Jig! * A premium weedless jig head that’s designed for wacky rigging * Optimized hook shape positions your worm in exactly the right spot * Stiff wire weed-guard offers reliable snag-protection in dense cover

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