K2 Mindbender 99TI Ski – Women’s – One Color – 160cm


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“Some women aren’t looking for words like “lighter” and “softer” when shopping for skis. For strong female skiers who can flex a stiffer, heavier construction, the women’s Mindbender 99TI stands out as a powerful, versatile all-mountain ski. Quick edge-to-edge maneuverability combined with supreme versatility, power transfer, and stability-these are the qualities embodied by the Mindbender series. Count on the Titanal Y-Beam to provide the stability at high speed and precise power transfer that put the Mindbenders on the map. The Y-Beam is shaped to distribute mass where it gives the most performance advantage: more titanal in the forward prongs improves turn initiation, more in the tail increases stability, and titanal was removed from the edges forward of the mounting area to improve shovel forgiveness and maneuverability in tight spaces. K2 increased the rocker length in the tail to help break free from turns and instantly smear to dump speed. All-Terrain Rocker and the 99mm waist lets you float over or chop through whatever you point them at as you make long, sweeping turns down the mountain. A shallower sidecut gives these skis a longer turning radius, and they love riding the rails through the entire arc. With a legacy of excellent suspension, versatility, and handling at speed, the women’s K2 Mindbender 99 Ti strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability. Aspen wood core is lightweight with a predictable flex and snappy feel Improved Titanal Y-Beam construction provides a damp and stable ride at high speed All-Terrain Rocker and 99mm waist underfoot gives great float in powder Winter 2023/24 model Equipped With Titanal Y-Beam 2.0 K2 improved their Titanal Y-Beam construction for their 2023 models. The concept is the same-delivering precision in the forebody of the ski, power underfoot, and stability in the tail all while maintaining the maneuverability needed for freeride ripping. The Y-Beam 2.0 has more mass at the tip and tail contact points, which improves how the ski tracks while also helping with directional stability and turn initiation. All-Terrain Rocker All-Terrain Rocker provides a gradual rise in the tip for great versatility in all conditions, and a short, low rise in the tail adds control in variable snow. Aspen Core A single type of wood ensures consistency-giving riders the advantage of a proven flex, durability, and snap.”””

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