Hillsound Equipment FreeSteps6 Crampons, Stainless Steel


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Keep upright walking or running with the Hillsound Equipment’s FreeSteps6 Crampons. The combination of stainless steel chains and spikes will give needed traction in dangerous environments. No matter if you are shoveling snow on an icy sidewalk, running on an outdoor trail, or walking on rocks and river slime while fishing, these comfortable spikes will help provide the stability you need. FEATURES: Made of stainless steel and elastomer Weight: 10.4 oz (XS), 10.8 oz (S), 11.2 oz (M), 11.9 oz (L), 12.4 oz (XL) Durable stainless steel chains and spikes provide anti-slip traction Tear resistant Harness maintains pliability in sub-freezing temperature Heel spike plate reinforces traction on downhill slopes Ultra-light traction for runners Spike design provides comfort during long standing periods Model: FS6 Hillsound Equipment