Higdon TruStrutter XS Motion Turkey Decoy


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The Higdon TruStrutter XS Motion Decoy adds a lifelike feel to your spread thanks to is unique design that pivots side-to-side like a real strutting tom. Hard-bodied Decoy features Higdon’s advanced XHD hyper feathering and detailed paint scheme with flocked back and tail feathers that will attract jealous toms from afar like no other. For added realism, it’s equipped with a magnetic fan ring that makes it simple to attach a natural feather fan or the included Apex strutter fan. Premium hard body design Pivots side-to-side like a real strutting tom Quick-charging lithium ion battery with 36-hour runtime XHD hyper feathering for an ultra-realistic look Detailed paint scheme with bright, vivid colors Flocked back and tail feathers Magnetic fan ring makes it easy to attach a synthetic fan (included) or natural feather fan (not included) Full-strut posture attracts and challenges big territorial gobblers Premium synthetic Apex strutter fan Includes 4-channel remote control, metal stake, and carry bag Order today!

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