H.S. Strut Lite Flock 3 Pack Turkey Decoys


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H.S. Strut Lite Flock 3 Pack Turkey Decoys – Best-in-class detail in the decoys’ flake-resistant paint job makes for extremely realistic decoys that fool even the wisest old toms. The 3 included 2-piece ground stakes allow for quick setup and removal when things are happening fast in the woods. The Strut-Lite Hen’s upright position is perfect for positioning as if she is ready to be bred, and the Jake’s semi-aggressive position brings in toms for an easy fight. The Feeder Hen’s relaxed feeding position lets other turkeys know that the area is safe. Use individually, as pairs or use all three Strut-Lite Decoys together for the “flock” effect. Lightweight, Foldable Hollow BodyIncludes:Three 2 Piece Ground StakesStrut Lite Hen DecoyFeeder Hen DecoyJake Decoy

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