Green Mountain High Limb Chain Saw, 26″


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MADE IN AMERICA! The High Limb Chain Saw is constructed of patented chain blade* which features BIMATIC carbon steel cutter. These cutter are engineered for hand use and maximum cutting efficiency as the blade is drawn back and forth. Lightweight, but extremely strong, polypropylene ropes are attached to each end of the blade. A sandbag throwing weight is attached to one rope end. The polypropylene ropes are electrically non-conductive, and will pose no problem if the saw comes in contact with overhead wiring. The Carbide Steel teeth and extreme transferable, this survival saw is an necessary tool for campers, hikers, mountain bikers and all other outdoorsmen. Previously manufactured for the United States Armed Forces Special Task Ops Unit, now everyone can enjoy the speed and convenience of owning a Chain mate survival saw. Flexible, chain blade saw comes in belt loop pouch. Easy to use, extra large handles and comes with a military pouch that has a belt loop Essential tool for professionals, campers, hikers, snow-mobilers, bikers and all other outdoors mans Made from our special patent Carbide Steel, best in the world Green Mountain High Limb Chain Saw, 26″ Camping World Green Mountain High Limb Chain Saw, 26″

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