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Googan GO TO Catchsmart Assortment – This kit features eight go-to baits that target bass in multiple seasons and situations. Being versatile is crucial, and this combo kit includes just about everything you need to fish high, low, fast, and slow. This hand-selected bundle of lures features all of the products you’re continually rigging up or tying on. Whether it’s schooling shad, crawfish, or the good old bluegill, each bait in this line-up can be either jigged, dragged, swam, or stroked to mimic the action of what bass are eating in your local waters. Gear Recommendations: Rod: A medium to medium-heavy casting rod Line: 8-15lb fluorocarbon or monofilament Products Included: Googan Squad Zinger The Zinger is a double-bladed spinnerbait designed to bump, bang, and zing off cover and grass. The Zinger is designed to be fished around docks, stumps, and brush while also streamlining through the grass. Each Zinger features a strong wire framework, stout hook, and flashy Colorado and willow blades. Googan Squad Juicee Jig The Googan Squad Juicee Jig is the “do it all jig” designed specifically by the Googans. The Juicee jig has an Arkie style head, which means it can be flipped around wood, skipped under docks, and easily fished through grass. Googan Baits Krackin’ Craw The Googan Baits Krackin’ Craw is the perfect option for flipping, pitching or adding to the back of a jig trailer. Designed with patented kicking claws, this bait displaces water with ease while calling in big fish. Googan Squad Hummer The Hummer is a Googan Squads take on the classic buzzbait. Each Hummer features a free-spinning propeller blade that puts off the look, feel, and sound needed to call in the fish. Every Googan Squad Hummer has the bait’s weight painted to the head for easy identification. Googan Squad Heavy Hammer Hooks A true hybrid, the Heavy Hammer Hook is a cross between a flipping hook and your classic EWG hook style (extra-wide gap hook). Googan Squad Grass Hero The Googan Squad Grass Hero is a swim jig that’s designed to penetrate heavy vegetation on the fall and then glide through the slop with ease, attracting predators and triggering vicious attacks. This bait features a slender head that narrows to a point near the eye of the hook. That makes it move more easily through vegetation. Googan Squad Banger The Googan Squad Banger is the dirtiest of square bills and designed to be fished around mondo hangouts like rock, wood, docks, and bridge pilings. The square bill design allows for easy deflection when banged against cover. This will help you prevent snagging while creating a unique swimming action, which oftentimes helps trigger strikes. Googan Squad Clickbait The Googan Clickbait is a vibrating jig designed to slip, swim easily, and click it’s the way through open water and sparse vegetation. The Clickbait’s leading blade continually vibrates throughout each cast as it clicks and clacks, back and forth between the metal wireframe.

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