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Googan Finesse Catchsmart Assortment – This kit includes small plastics, hardbaits, and finesse jigs. Ideal for clear water, pressured fish, or small ponds. Pick up your spinning rod, rig up the finesse gear, and gently pound on big fish with this kit of subtle baits. Gear Recommendations: Rod: A medium-light to medium spinning rod Line: 6-12lb fluorocarbon or monofilament Products Included: Googan Squad Lil’ Juicee Jig Googan Squad’s Lil’ Juicee Jig has all the great features and fishability of its popular full-sized cousin but in a scaled-down package. Googan Squad Jr. Scout The Googan Squad Jr. Scout is a 3.5in hard-bodied jerkbait that looks and swims like a small baitfish. The Jr. Scout mimics the action of a rolling or dying baitfish which looks like a juicy snack to any passing bass. Googan Squad Mini Recon The Googan Squad Mini Recon is a downsized, round billed crankbait designed to hunt and deflect off cover in the 3-6ft depth range. Googan Squad Mini Klutch The Googan Squad Mini Klutch is a downsized lipless crankbait designed with a realistic and tight wobble to mimic swimming baitfish and fleeing crawfish. Googan Baits Rattlin’ Ned Each 2.75in Rattlin’ Ned is equipped with an internal rattle system that gently puts off a fish-friendly sound upon retrieval. While this is still a classic finesse bait designed specifically for a Ned Rig, the added rattle helps add a fish triggering sound that fish really seem to like. Googan Baits Drag n Drop Designed by Alex Peric, the Googan Baits Drag n Drop is a finesse killer. The 4in drop shot worm has a bait-fish profile.

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