FIN-Essence Liquid Fish Attractant – Clam


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Scientifically formulated to penetrate and flavor both natural baits and artificial lures, FIN-Essence Liquid Fish Attractant is that extra edge that can help you catch more fish. FIN-Essence Attractant utilizes a blend of natural oils and pheromones to trigger the feeding instincts of predatory game fish by leaving a scent trail in the water. It’s perfect for masking the “human scent” your hands leave behind on your bait, and also effectively covers up that petroleum plastic smell that many soft baits have. For maximum effectiveness with soft plastics, add a few squirts of attractant oil directly into the bag of baits and allow them to sit overnight. By the next day, the baits will have absorbed the oil and are now supercharged for maximum effectiveness. FIN-Essence Liquid Fish Attractant is available in five different “flavors”, allowing you to choose the one that you know your target species simply cant resist.

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