Edelweiss O-Flex Standard Climbing Rope GREEN 9.8X30 9.8X30


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TAKE YOUR TALENT OUT TO THE CRAGDesigned specifically for use in the gym, the Edelweiss 9.8mm O-Flex Standard Climbing Rope boasts excellent handling characteristics and an extended lifespan thanks to the O-flex braiding technology. The skinny 9.8 diameter won’t hold you back when you try the hard red-taped route in the cave, and the short 30- and 50-meter lengths are specifically cut with gym use in mind. FEATURESO-flex braiding technology produces a perfectly round and exceptionally flexible rope with a lifespan that’s two to three times longer than other ropes (when used indoors)Impact force rating of 8.2 KN ensures a soft catchUIAA fall rating of 6 ensures ample strength for leading and top-ropingSkinny 9.8 diameter and a weight of 63 g/m won’t hold you back on hard redpointsAvailable in 30 and 50 meter lengths, which are ideal for gym use

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