EAGTAC MX30L2R Flashlight, XHP70.2 NW LED, 4205lm, Black


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EAGTAC Camp & Hike MX30L2R Flashlight XHP70.2 NW LED 4205lm Black MX30L2RXHP702NW. We introduce an entirely new line of products designed for those who desire the highest standard of light quality as possible. One of the models in our new L Series the MX30L2R is programmed to turn on at MAX or LOWEST (programmable) and has five brightness levels. The MX30L2R also has a hidden auxiliary mode which can be accessed by pressing the button five times in rapid succession. This will happen very quickly once the user programs the start-up level at a low level. We accomplished this task by designing a control circuit that will provide a constant current to efficiently drive the heavy duty reflector deep evacuated reflector creating a high light efficiency at all times. The structure of the MX30L2R is very unique and has many advantages that will be described in detail later in this document. In this document we will explain the structure of the M Series. We will also explain the materials we used and give an example of each.



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