EAGTAC MX30L2C-R Flashlight, 3 CSLPM1 CW LED, 4205lm, Black


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EAGTAC Camp & Hike MX30L2C-R Flashlight 3 CSLPM1 CW LED 4205lm Black MX30L2CR3CSLPM1CW. It was designed for a variety of end uses including duty hunting search and rescue military police and military special operations (SOCOM) applications. It is powerful flexible and provides powerful illumination across a broad range of situations and conditions including short-term illumination close quarter operations and longer-range illumination. We have mastered the art of bringing new life to this military rated model. We carefully selected each component and components’ tolerances have been held to tight specifications throughout the manufacturing process. You will not find this kind of consistency and attention to detail anywhere else in a military production model. You will find this level of quality and stability in very specialized military production models. The MX30L2C-R model has a total of six brightness settings. Its MAX setting is a powerful feature-packed and high performance military tactical lighting. If you want a great military rated flashlight with a very high output rating look no further than this M Series model.



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