EAGTAC G Series G3V Flashlight, XHP70.2 NW LED, 2990lm, Black


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EAGTAC Camp & Hike G Series G3V Flashlight XHP70.2 NW LED 2990lm Black G3VXHP702NW. Offering a variety of output options these Flashlights by EAGTAC come with two hidden auxiliary outputs for tactical use with no risk of blowing up the strobe. With exceptional thermal management that can easily be adjusted the EAGTAC G Series G3V CREE LED Flashlight maintains a consistent output even after hours of being in use. With three pre-programmed output options and two adjustable constant current outputs you have full control over your EAGTAC G Series G3V Rechargeable Flashlight. If you want a powerful light that can take on any situation you may encounter go for the EAGTAC G Series G3V USB Rechargeable Flashlight.



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