Dynafit Superlite 150+ Binding Schwarz/Silber 105


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Dynafit Superlite 150+ Binding Schwarz/Silber 105. This binding comes with brakes and adjustment plate. Interchangeable U springs available separately. 294 grams made completely of aluminum with a range of release from 4 to 13 are all features that make the Superlite 150+ Binding the first choice for Speed ski touring enthusiasts. With the Superlite 150+ the needs of the Race and touring markets were able to be combined for the first time in one binding while preserving the essence of both worlds. When you would like to move fast and light uphill but still want to give your all on the descent nothing will be too much for the Superlite. The large range of release (Mz) from 4 to 13 creates a unique selling point on the market for this Speed binding making this model particularly versatile. The Superlite 150+ comes standard with ski brakes. Thanks to its light 294 grams and a wide drill hole pattern the Superlite 150 made completely of aluminum is extremely responsive on the descent. On the climb you can choose between two riser heights to find a natural walking motion. Its lateral release values can be fully adjusted from DIN 4 to 13. Its vertical release is fixed but can be adjusted using a interchangeable U-spring (available separately). The Superlite 150+ offers the option of mounting an adjustment plate which enables a heel adjustment range of 20 mm to fit various sole lengths. For use on ice or crust ski crampons can be attached to the Superlight 150+ quickly and easily. As with all DYNAFIT bindings the Superlight 150+ has been developed and manufactured in Germany and offers DYNAFIT’s Lifetime Guarantee. Superlite 150+ – The best of both Race and tour worlds in one binding. Features of Dynafit Superlite 150+ Binding Lightweight Optimized power transmission Fixed front release Adaptable front release Full metal heel piece Ice Breaker Pins Crampon Slot Package Contents: Dynafit Superlite 150+ Binding Dynafit 08-0000049151-8153-75: Superlite 150+ Binding Schwarz/Silber 75 Dynafit 08-0000049151-8153-105: Superlite 150+ Binding Schwarz/Silber 105 Dynafit 08-0000049151-8153-90: Superlite 150+ Binding Schwarz/Silber 90 Dynafit 08-0000049151-8153-105: Superlite 150+ Binding Schwarz/Silber 105

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