Dynafit ST-Rotation 10 105 Binding Black Ks


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Dynafit ST-Rotation 10 105 Binding Black Ks. The ST Rotation 10 is impressive as a nearly indestructible binding with strong downhill performance the highest comfort and TV-certified safety. The patented DYNAFIT pivoting toe piece evens out impacts that can effect ski and binding on a powerful dynamic downhill. The binding release function is thus more reliable and effectively counters unwanted early release. A forward pressure of 10 mm ensures that the release value remains constant even when skis experience deflection. With its perfect bayonet positive lock at the heel unit an extremely high power transfer from binding to ski is achieved for increased responsiveness and downhill performance. The Step-In Side Towers make entry into the toe piece more than 30percent easier. Meaning fast as lightening you are fully and easily ready to get going. At the same time it increases lateral stability on the descent. The ‘Hub Centering’ system in all bindings with a pivoting toe piece makes it child’s play for users to click into the boot’s neutral position and thus makes it easy to adjust your position for climbing. The brake locks out in walk mode automatically for best user-friendly handling. Thanks to three different walk modes you can climb with maximum comfort. The binding also offers 45 mm of flex in its length adjustment enabling it to fit various sole lengths. The release values can be adjusted from DIN 4 to 10. As with all DYNAFIT bindings the ST Rotation 10 has been developed and manufactured in Germany and offers DYNAFIT’s Lifetime Guarantee. ST Rotation 10 – Strong on the descent. Specifications for Dynafit ST-Rotation 10: Manufacturer: Dynafit Color: Black DIN: 4 – 10 Weight: 599 g Adjustment Range: 2.25 cm Features of Dynafit ST-Rotation 10 Rotation Toe Piece Hub centering Bayonet lock Easy Lock Brake System Step In Side Towers Forward Pressure 10mm Speed Step climbing bar Ice Breaker Pins Crampon Slot Package Contents: Dynafit ST-Rotation 10 Dynafit 08-0000049102-8153-UNI: ST-Rotation 10 120 Binding Black Ks Dynafit 08-0000049101-8153-UNI: ST-Rotation 10 105 Binding Black Ks Dynafit 08-0000049101-8153-UNI: ST-Rotation 10 105 Binding Black Ks

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