DSD Feeding Hen Turkey Decoy


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DSD Feeding Hen Turkey Decoy – The Feeding Hen’s natural, relaxed posture gives birds the confidence to approach your decoys. Add one or multiple Feeding Hens to your spread to give it the look that there is no danger in sight. A great decoy to add to any existing decoy setup, especially for field hunting. Like all DSD turkey decoys, she is made out of their legendary A.C.E. Technology which means that she is built to take a beating. There is no inflation required, so her rugged body will always hold it’s natural shape. She can even withstand an accidental shotgun blast or broadhead through the body with only minimal damage. Made in the USA. Great Confidence Decoy Relaxed Look That Will Hold Live Birds In Your Decoys Deadly Accurate Colors And Detail Paint Matches The Look Of Real Feathers Durable Composition Made In The USA

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