Cumberland Pro Lures Mag Shakey Jig Head – Black 1/2oz


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Cumberland Pro Lures Mag Shakey Jig Head – The Cumberland Pro Lures Mag Shakey Head Jighead now features a pivoting spring bait holder that allows a worm to collapse for increased hookset ratio and allows anglers to upsize their plastics to land the big one. It has a strong Gamakatsu hook for undeniable hook set penetration, even when casted from afar. It features a durable painted lead head with a flat bottom to keep your favorite worm or creature bait in the upright position at all times. In addition to a flat bottom, the head also incorporates a free- swinging wire screw-lock trailer keeper to make the most of your baits and cut down on re-rigging time. Finished with a recessed line tie to protect your knot and enhance weedless properties. This bait is truly made for big baits and even bigger fish.

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