“CUB” Portable Camp/Cook Wood Stove Kit”


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Forty years of experience in crafting America’s best wood stoves can now be found in a new series of camp stoves by England’s Stove Works. Constructed of heavy duty 12 gauge steel for longevity, these stoves are sized just right to remain portable yet very useful, whatever your needs may be. The removable legs fit inside the stove body, and the top edges are bent to double as handy carrying handles. The 4″ diameter chimney pipe is offset to provide more cooking space, and the top of the stove is designed to provide as much heating area as possible, while still making room for an available hot water tank. The circular door draft, in-door air redirect and included door gasket ensure that you can accurately and safely control your burn rate, and the hexagonal firebox rounds out the HexaTech technology system to ensure that your stove is built for hours of steady, even distribution of heat. Note: NOT for use in homes. Includes: Cub Campstove, Attachable Pipe Collar (AC-CSPC), Four 2′ Pipe Sections (AC-CSPIPEKIT) and Attachable Shelf (AC-CSSHELFS).