Crate Club


Crate Club is the pinnacle of your survival stockpile, from first-aid kits to high-quality outdoor gear. Whether you are just starting your preparedness journey or you have been at it for a while, Crate Club’s Captain and General crates have you covered. Featured products include: Bulletproof bag inserts, tactical backpacks, premium first aid kits, Gerber multi-tools, outdoor gear, Revo sunglasses, and more.

Captain Subscriptions start at $99.99 per quarter and have a $200 box value.

General Subscriptions start at $399.99 per quarter and have a $700 box value.

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The Crate Club is a subscription box that sends its members hand-picked tactical and survival gear to your door every quarter. Choose from two subscriptions:

  • Captain – Includes the best mix of survival and tactical gear for everyday use. Our goal is to help you be better prepared for anything life throws at you by gearing you up. Enjoy the spoils! Tools, hiking essentials, binos, EDC packs, and more!
  • General – Tactical and survival gear actually used by Navy SEALs and special forces. This is the 007 of gear boxes, real issue tactical gear that would be used on the front lines. Products include custom bulletproof bag inserts, bags with secret pouches, tactical self-defense flashlights, tool, binoculars and so much more. Built for the most hardened survivalists, it’s our most complete and premium package.
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