Celestron Night Vision Flashlight


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Celestron Camp & Hike Night Vision Flashlight 93588. Also if you plan to observe with other people whether at a star party or in your own neighborhood a red flashlight is an important part of good star party etiquette. When you are outside doing astronomy or any night-time activity that requires you to see as well as possible any white light is a detriment. Every time you use white light your eyes react. The pupils contract making their aperture smaller and a smaller aperture always means less light-gathering whether we are talking about your eyes or your optical equipment. A red flashlight allows you to see your star charts find an eyepiece in your accessory case or pick your way over telescope cables and other obstacles without affecting your night vision. The better your night vision the more you can see in the eyepiece. The Celestron Night Vision Flashlight uses two LEDs to provide variable red illumination. Use the thumb wheel to adjust the light as you need it. The square shape of the flashlight keeps it from rolling off of your observing table to the ground. A lanyard is attached so you can wear it around your neck. The Night Vision Flashlight is powered by a 9V battery (included).



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