Camping Gaz Bivouac 270 Lantern


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Shed a little light on your campsite with this Camping Gaz Bivouac 270 Lantern This portable lantern packs into a plastic storage cube so it wont get damaged in your packampnbspItem 3138520363804PRODUCT CONDITIONThis Camping Gaz Bivouac 270 Lantern is in Excellent ConditionampnbspampnbspIt comes with original instructions and storage boxTECH SPECS-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspPower Source Butane Propane Gas only fits Camping Gaz Canisters-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspPortable Lightweight-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspLightbulb Type Propane Gas Lamp-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspCountryRegion of Manufacture France-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspBurning Timeampnbsp6-12 Hours with CV270 Cartridge-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspPacked Dimensions 4 x 4 x 65 inches

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