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The Camp USA Neve Ice Axe is a reliable multi-purpose tool for mountaineering and ice Climbing. The axe will assist in your ascent and descent, particularly as a self-arresting device to prevent dangerous falls. You can dig the spike into the Snow for a solid anchor, and the aggressively curved adze is great for chopping steps. The included leash adds a layer of security to ensure the ice axe stays with you throughout the journey. Final SALE: For safety reasons, we cannot accept returns on load-bearing Climbing equipment. Sorry for being so mean. Features of the Camp USA Neve Ice Axe Forged chromoly steel pick and adze Curved adze for a comfortable hand grip and good chopping Performance Carabiner holes at head and spike Symmetric steel spike plunges smoothly CC4U wear indicator warns when the pick is dull beyond the safe limit Equipped with sliding leash (1305)

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