C.A.M.P. Basic Lanyard Dynamic Rope


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C.A.M.P. Basic Lanyard Dynamic Rope. Large nylon sleeves at the carabiner attachment points keep biners situated in their correct orientation and protect the stitch points from wear and tear. A transparent nylon sleeve protects the bar tack at the main attachment point as well. Not rated for use in via ferrata. Specifications for C.A.M.P. Basic Lanyard: Manufacturer: C.A.M.P. Length: 78 cm Diameter: 9 mm Weight: 5.1 oz Features of C.A.M.P. Basic Lanyard: 9 mm dynamic rope construction naturally absorbs energy Lanyard Length (cm): 78 Construction: Rope CE: Yes UIAA: No 145 g 5.1 oz Package Contents: C.A.M.P. Basic Lanyard C.A.M.P. 1397: Basic Lanyard Dynamic Rope C.A.M.P. 1397: Basic Lanyard Dynamic Rope

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