Buccaneer Skimmer Hair Jig – Chartreuse/White


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Buccaneer Skimmer Hair Jig – Buccaneer Skimmer Jigs have a unique design which allows them to flutter slightly on the fall and plane on the surface if retrieved fast enough. Tied with premium bucktail and double epoxied in place, this jig will last many trips and provide the action that drives striped bass, snook, redfish, tarpon, and trout crazy. The addition of crystal flash in the tail makes this jig look like the real thing, giving it some shine and the appearance of most baitfish. Extra sharp, corrosion resistant hooks are standard on these jigs and are made to bring the biggest of gamefish to the net. Available in multiple sizes and colors there is a Buccaneer Skimmer Jig that will match any conditions you find yourself in.

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