Boker USA Hunting Quadro CPM Knife, Brown, Small

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Boker USA Camp & Hike Hunting Quadro CPM Knife Brown Small 110649. The classic scales made of stag give the Pocketknife an extraordinary charm. A special feature of knife scales made of stag is their individual shape. While wood handles differ mainly in their grain and color scales made of stag are also characterized by their very specific surface structure which makes each item a unique piece of art.The demand for premium steels with extreme edge-holding is also immense for hunting applications with a traditional knife design generally given preference in this case. Starting immediately our extensively field-tested Trio hunting classic is optionally also available with a powdered-metal primary blade made from CPM-CruWear with a Rockwell hardness of 62-63 HRC. This extraordinarily wear-resistant blade steel gives woodsmen significantly longer use between resharpenings compared to traditional 440C. The original design of the Quadro CPM was otherwise left intact giving traditionally oriented hunters continued enjoyment. It also features a gutting blade a saw and corkscrew.

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