B’n’M Pre-Rigged Curly Tail Grub – Pink/Chartreuse


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B’n’M Pre-Rigged Curly Tail Grub – B’n’M is known for making quality tackle for the discerning pan fish and crappie fisherman. The B’n’M 2in Pre Rigged Curly Tail Grubs drives the biggest of slab crappie mad. Made with top quality soft plastic, these tails last and last. These tails come rigged on super sharp, thin wire jig hooks with quality painted heads. Small in size but large in action, the tail on these grubs is full of action. These fish great on small jigs and either swam slowly down deep or under a popping float. Give these a whirl for picky red fish and specks in the salt water too! These come in bags of 7 and are available in an array of colors. Grubs take fish of all kinds, so try them on your next fresh and saltwater trip no matter what you are chasing.

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