Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad


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The Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad is a 3 season pad for a comfortable sleep. A 3.25″ thick pack with outer chambers that boast 3.50″ of thickness to nestle you in the center and keep you cozy through the night. Less rolling off the pad, more deep sleep. The THERMOLITE Insulation inside, along with a heat reflective film, prevent heat loss by reflecting your own body heat back at you. Take that, cold ground. High volume valves make inflation and deflation fast and easy, especially when combined with the included pad inflation sack. A 4.5 R-value has been rated by a third-party and each pad itself has been inflated and tested in-factory as well to ensure quality. Features of the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad Light and compact three-season pad Built-in advanced heat reflective Technology Antimicrobial treatment inside the pad prevents microorganism growth Minimalist I-beam construction reduces weight and provides consistent stability and comfort Larger outer chambers keep you comfortably Cradled in the middle of the pad Sleeping on frozen ground or Snow we recommend adding a closed cell foam pad 3M Repair patches included Up cycled pad inflation sack-made from scrap material-comes included with pad Each pad indiviDually inflated and tested ensuring 100% quality Performance High-volume valve allows for efficient inflation, fast deflation and adjustments Fabric Details Durable lightweight nylon rip-stop fabric Double rip-stop improves tear strength and durability by 25% Aviation-grade TPU lamination Technology for ultimate dependability

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