Betts Billy Bay Aggravators Float Rig – Red Float, Clear Silver Sparkle Halo Shrimp


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Betts Billy Bay Aggravators Float Rig with Halo Shrimp Brass stick allows for depth control of the lure Popping Float allows for popping, clicking, etc. Made with hard foam Designed to fish shallow water by holding the grub, jig, or bait in the target zone. The jerking-popping-rattling-clicking noise attracts fish. Perfect for: Redfish Trout Cobia Snook Flounder All bay fish Deadly in fresh water In the design of this shrimp, every known shrimp in the market was studied, however they all seemed to lack something. All the good things from our study were combined: Only Halo-Graphic lure made Exciting colors Slow and correct fall Soft but durable Swimming action (very few tested would swim) Odor (Halo Shrimp has Shrimp Scent) Perfect shrimp shape (very few looked like shrimp)

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