Battlbox is a subscription service that provides a great variation of camping, survival, EDC, and all around epic outdoor gear. Every BattlBox subscription box is filled with tried and true, field-tested survival, EDC gear, and more!

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BattlBox currently offers 4 levels of monthly subscription box:

  • BASIC – $34.99/MONTH + S/H. For those just starting out. Receive hand selected items, such as manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear and survival tools!
  • ADVANCED – $64.99/MONTH + S/H. For the gear junkie! Receive everything from Basic level and also includes higher value items such as camp equipment, hiking essentials, bushcraft, EDC gear and more! Includes all items from Basic + Advanced items
  • PRO– $119.99/MONTH + S/H. For the professional outdoorsman and survival minded individual. Receive everything from Basic and Advanced plus top tier products such as Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Watches, and Tents! Includes all items from Basic and Advanced + Pro items
  • PRO PLUS – $169.99/MONTH + S/H. For the enthusiast & big spender. We are The Original KOTM Club; Everything from the below levels and included in each box are brands like TOPS, Kershaw, Spyderco, CRKT, Gerber, Bastion and many more! Includes all items from Basic, Advanced, and Pro + Pro Plus items
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