ATEPA SEATTLE 300 Down Envelope Sleeping Bag


Embark on an Ultralight Adventure with Our HYDRA 300 Down Sleeping BagFor the solo adventurer seeking the perfect blend of comfort and porta…

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Embark on an Ultralight Adventure with Our HYDRA 300 Down Sleeping BagFor the solo adventurer seeking the perfect blend of comfort and portability, our HYDRA 300 Down Sleeping Bag is the ultimate choice. Tailored for hiking and self-driving camping, this single-model sleeping bag promises an extraordinary outdoor experience.Key Features:Efficient Pipe Structure with Down Filling:Engineered with a pipe structure filled with premium down, this sleeping bag ensures optimal heat conduction, keeping you warm and cozy in any weather.Luxurious 15D Nylon Fabric:Crafted from soft and comfortable 15D nylon fabric, this sleeping bag embraces you in a gentle cocoon, enhancing your overall camping experience.Generous Size and Feather-Light Weight:With dimensions of 190x75cm and a mere weight of 0.5kg, this sleeping bag offers generous space without compromising on portability.Quality Materials for Enhanced Comfort:Premium 15D Nylon Fabric:The soft and water-repellent 15D nylon hidden grid (anti-tear) outer fabric, coupled with a 15D nylon plain weave lining, delivers an exquisite, delicate, and lightweight feel.90/10 White Duck Down Filling for Superior Warmth:Experience unparalleled warmth with the 90/10 white duck down filling, boasting an impressive FP650+ rating.Multi-Scenario Use with Innovative Design:This versatile sleeping bag transforms into a blanket, offering multi-scenario functionality. Additionally, two bags can be seamlessly spliced to create a double sleeping bag.Thoughtful Design for Enhanced Convenience:The sleeping bag features a drawstring at the hat brim, a zipper windproof wall, and an anti-pinch zipper chain. Two hanging ears on the feet provide convenient drying or hanging storage.Superior YKK Bridge Zipper for Easy Use:The sleeping bag is equipped with a high-quality and lightweight 3# YKK bridge zipper, ensuring smooth operation and easy storage.Comfort-Optimized Cap Drawstring:The cap drawstring, crafted from a flat rope, enhances comfort during use.Exceptional Performance in Various Conditions:Comfort Temperature: 54/12Limit Temperature: 45/7Extreme Temperature: 27/-3Compact Storage for On-the-Go Adventurers:The HYDRA 300 Down Sleeping Bag effortlessly combines lightweight design, exceptional warmth, and versatile functionality. Ideal for magazines, mats, picnic mats, tents, and all your camping essentials. Elevate your camping experience-order yours today!



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