Armada Shift MNC 10 Ski Bindings


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The Armada Shift MNC 10 bridges the gap between low tech pin bindings and traditional alpine bindings. It offers skiers the efficient performance of a pin binding when touring uphill, and the safety of a traditional alpine binding when descending . Alpine boots compliant with ISO 5355 Touring boots compliant with ISO 9523 Standard Ski Boots equipped with WTR Technology pads or with gripwalk pads Multi Norm Compatible Toe Height Adjustment Low Profile Chassis Oversized Platform Hike and Ride Switch Crampon Compatible Freeski Brakes DIN Range: 4-10 Brake Width: SH90 | SH100 | SH110 | SH120 Screw Length: Senior Norm Adjustment Range: 30mm Weight: 1730g

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