Aleko SB6BL-UNB Four-Season Insulation Sleeping Bag, Blue


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We provide best quality of products in Driveway Gates, Pedestrian Gates, Solar Panels, Swing and Sliding Gate Openers, Retractable Awnings, Drywall Sanders and many more. We have a broad range of driveway gates, gate openers and gate accessories under the “Build It Yourself category for easy accessibility. The ALEKO Sleeping Bag is a great item for your outdoor use. It insulates the body perfectly, giving warmth when you need it and radiating heat from your body without losing too much warmth. It brings enormous comfort during hiking, camping, and/or long time travel. It has a very simple design, easy to compress, and carry along with you. Simply folds up and fits into a cylinder pouch. It weighs very little, about 1 lbs for easy travel. It has smart technology along with a zipper on the side with an extra cloth hook and eye patch for security. Sleek color design. Perfect heat insulation, yet light weight and soft. Skin-Friendly and Durable for any situation. Specifications Color: Blue Size: 26″ x 76” Weight: 2 lbs