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A sudden dental emergency is no joke, especially when you’re not anywhere near a dentist. Whether it’s an infection, a lost filling, or a fractured tooth, the Dental Medic will will help you treat the injury until you get to a professional dentist. Included are basic supplies like floss, cotton, and oral aesthetic, and more advanced items like a temporary cavity filling mixture and dental wax. It’s all packed inside a proprietary DryFlex Bag for giving you ultralight, waterproof storage. A must-have for any trip where access to a dentist is hours away Ultralight, pocket-sized Kit Temporary cavity filling mixture protects your tooth until you can find a dentist Stop tooth pain with Orasol gel and tural tea (tannins) Specialized instructions explain how to manage various dental emergencies Waterproof DryFlex bag keeps water out Dental Supplies: 1 – Dental Wax Temporary FillingWax Temporary Filling: 1 – Temporary Cavity Filling Mixture 5 – Cotton Pellets 5 – Cotton Rolls 1 – Dental Floss 3 – Tooth PicksPain Relief: 1 – Tea Bag, 100% Natural Pekoe Tea 2 – Anbesol/Orasol, Benzocaine 20%, 75gInstructions 1 – Dental First Aid Instructions Order today!


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