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The Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First Aid 1.0 is a small first aid kit for one to two people. The supplies you need for hiking, camping, in the car and other short adventures. CAre for everything from a cut, insect bites, headache and more. Includes a variety of bandages and medication plus instructions on how to treat various injuries. Features of the Adventure First Aid 1.0 by Adventure Medical Wound Cleaning Allergic Reaction Blister Muscle Ache/Pain Sting Relief Specifications: Easy CAre First Aid and Survival Instructions Compass, Button, Liquid Filled Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 3in. x 3in., Pkg./2 Tape, 1/2in. x 10 Yards Moleskin Blister Relief Bandage, Elastic, 2in. Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps Triple Antibiotic Ointment Ibuprofen (200 mg), Pkg./2 Acetaminophen (500 mg), Pkg./2 Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg) Aspirin (325 mg), Pkg./2 Weight: 7.7 oz Size: 6.5in. x 5in. x 1.5in.

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