A3 Anglers ShudderBlade Swim Jig – Polished Tungsten 3/O


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A3 Anglers ShudderBlade Swim Jig – The ShudderBlade creates a supercharged, realistic soft bait swimming motion by utilizing a transparent polycarbonate blade. The highly durable blade creates noise and vibration while disappearing into its surroundings which gives your baits a more natural presentation. A3’s patented direct drive technology is what gives the ShudderBlade its unbeatable action. Unlike other bladed jigs, our line tie clip is directly connected to the hook, which means there is no blade momentum lost in multiple connection points. You can feel this lure working in the water because the blade produces a hard thump as it oscillates, attracting fish in from the surrounding area. This highly versatile bladed jig can be used to simply cast and retrieve or to jig along the bottom to increase your catch. You’ll notice that A3 Anglers places a spacer just behind the eyelet of each hook. This spacer prevents fishermen from pushing their soft bait over the eyelet of the hook, as doing so interrupts the necessary free swinging movement of the bait. The ShudderBlade creates its best action with softbaits that do not have a paddle tail.

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