8162 Zombiewar Black Boot Hunting Knife with Sheath, 1 x 40 in.


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Knives are one of the best multipurpose tools that come in handy in several situations. They are compact and are made for easy carrying purpose. They can be used for opening a box or a letter, or cutting ropes, tags, and strings. Knives have varied uses in the kitchen like cutting, chopping, slicing, and mincing. They can get odd jobs done at campsites and are the to-go weapons during acts of self-defense. These knives come in various shapes and sizes with different blade options to suit your needs. Features Sharp blade Black handle Comes with hard plastic sheath for boot Nicely packed Good quality Specifications Overall Length: 7.75 in. Blade Length: 3.75 in. Handle Length: 4 in. Shipping Weight:4 lbs Weight:0.625