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Paper Maps for Hiking, Hunting & Camping

Never get lost in the wilderness with our selection of detailed paper maps designed for outdoor navigation. We carry topographic maps, trail maps, orienteering maps, and more for hiking, hunting, camping, and survival.

Topographic Maps

Topographic (topo) maps illustrate geographic features like hills, rivers, and valleys using contour lines. Key details include:

  • Terrain contours and elevations
  • Landmarks like cliffs, streams, trails
  • Forested areas and vegetation
  • Human-made structures and roads

National Geographic and MyTopo offer detailed topo maps for navigation.

Trail Maps

These specialized maps highlight popular hiking and biking trails with essential details:

  • Trails mapped with difficulty ratings
  • Mileage and elevation gain/loss
  • Campsites, shelters, parking areas
  • Points of interest, overlooks, attractions

Find trail maps for local parks as well as National Parks.

Orienteering Maps

Orienteering maps are designed for map and compass navigation challenges. Details include:

  • Contour lines and elevation
  • Precise terrain features like marshes and ridges
  • Map symbols show boulders, trails, fences
  • Color coded vegetation

Czurkit and Anders Nordberg make pro-grade orienteering maps.

How to Choose the Best Map

Consider your intended navigation use such as hiking, hunting, offroading. Select a map with an appropriate scale and level of detail. Look for durability in materials like ripstop paper and waterproof inks. Always have a map for the area you’ll be in.

We offer an extensive selection of specialized maps designed for staying found in the wilderness. Navigate with confidence!

FAQs About Paper Maps

How do you read a topographic map? Use the legend to interpret the contour lines, vegetation, landmarks, and symbols. Orient the map and align to your surroundings.

Can you write on waterproof maps? Yes, you can mark waypoints on some waterproof maps using permanent markers. Avoid writing on maps that are only water-resistant.

Are topo maps easy to fold? Look for maps printed on durable but thin ripstop materials that fold down small. Plastic coated maps don’t fold as easily.

Do I need a compass to use a topo map? A compass allows you to orient the map to north and pinpoint your exact location and bearings. It’s a critical pairing.

How often are maps updated? It varies, but expect trail maps to be updated every 5-10 years. Topo maps may update every few decades unless major changes occur.