Sleeping Bags and Camp Bedding

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Sleeping Bags & Camp Bedding for Backpacking & Camping

Rest and recover each night with our selection of warm, cozy sleeping bags and camp bedding. We carry ultralight backpacking sleeping bags, car camping bags, pads, cots, and more for a peaceful night outdoors. Check out our article on the Best Sleeping Bags for Camping to help you find your perfect sleeping bag.

Backpacking Sleeping Bags

For backpacking and trekking, choose a lightweight, compressible sleeping bag:

  • Insulated with down or synthetic fills
  • Mummy-style hoods or rectangular bags
  • Temperature ratings from 40F to 0F
  • Compact size to save space

Camping Sleeping Bags

Car camping or backyard camping allows for more spacious sleeping bags:

  • Heavier materials than backpacking bags
  • Roomy rectangular design for comfort
  • Cozy features like pillow pockets
  • Double bags for couples

Sleeping Pads & Cots

Sleeping pads and cots elevate you off cold, damp ground:

  • Inflatable, foam and self-inflating pads
  • Durable, collapsible camp cots
  • Protective base for sleeping bags
  • More comfort than ground sleeping

Get a good night’s rest outdoors with our collection of quality sleeping bags and camp bedding for any weather. You’ll wake refreshed and ready for the next day.

FAQs about Sleeping Bags

What temperature rating do most people need for camping? For 3-season camping, a 20-30°F bag will keep most people comfortable down to freezing.

How do you compress a sleeping bag? Roll tightly from foot end to head end to squeeze air out, then pack it in a stuff sack.

Should I get a mummy or rectangular bag? Mummy bags are warmer but restrictive. Rectangular bags allow more movement.

Do you really need a sleeping pad? Sleeping pads provide critical insulation and padding. Even basic foam pads add warmth.

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